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Swarm (2017)

White pencil and pastel on black paper

I am an artist interested in the concept of play and playfulness. I often explore how elements in the great expanse of the cosmos may also play. This however, also implies that I play with dangerous and unplayful systems such as orbiting space junk. Imaginary play offers an openness to humans to allows an enargeia to be repeatedly liberated. Play is an open system, unlike closed or ruled systems, seen in, for example, space junk, which continuously orbits in predictable patterns. The openness of the play patterns offers artists and viewers the opportunity to create an equilibrium, where play movements are steadily unpredictable, yet dynamic and fertile. Thus, play movements exist in flux equilibrium, a dynamic zone with steady and fruitful variables. Such a play between artists prolificating ideas, and, viewers 'spurting' interpretations, manifest a swarm releasing creativity energy with a magnitude of visionary potential. The swarming element of such human interactions contrast technologically driven and perceived predictable “swarms” personified by the relentless amount of junk orbiting the earth.

Thresholds: Eureka