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Ex-librīs & Turbulence (2017 - 2020)

Series of installations and conceptual photographs. Dimensions variable.

Liber in Latin refers to both book and freedom. The term liber gave us the words "liberty" and "library" in English, two important terms that have specific psychosocial and political dimensions spanning disciplines such as psychology, media studies, information science, political science, etc. The exhibition scheduled for July 2020 entails how these two artists, who are also bibliophiles, individually interpret visual narratives releasing dimensions of liberty. Such dimensions are also explored from the tail end of liberation, identified in terms, for example bondage and subjugation. Expect conceptual photography, animation, multimedia and intermedia art.

Janine Allen will specifically look at books that have been weeded from various libraries. Her work under the title Ex-librīs, meaning bookplate follows book trails and comment on the transitory nature of knowledge and book ownership.

Thresholds: Athanor