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Deliverance (2011)

Stop motion drawing animation (pastel on black paper & digital drawing) 30 X 40 cm

In South Africa strange mutations of rites of passage and proximity shape the isolating relationships of and between individuals and parties lobbying for personal gain instead of public good. This drawing animation is a response on sociologist Zygmunt Bauman's liquid modernism- the materialistic needs of networked people, to "fill their plates" with the fluid, transitory and narcissistic ideals of "light" capital. A tragic South African colonial shipwreck, the Soã João (Saint John), inspired me to situate its narrative in the context of the service delivery protests. Like most colonial cargo ships, the Soã João carried weapons and fine Chinese porcelain. Using a meat plate of my parents as "enlightening" signifier of a dish and the plate itself, it strangely becomes a metaphor for the expectations of deliverance. The plate ceases to carry anything, bur the material elements of protest - fire, smoke and stone.

Thresholds: Geo-gnostic eye natural pigments, paintboxes, Myths, poems and narratives, Violence, animations