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Blue baby (2008)

Plascon blue swatches, white enamel, black pigment and azurite

This is the first painting in the series about pigment and emasculation. I have painted my baby son, Indigo, and his body is making the typical natural Moro-reflex, kicking his feet outwards and bulging his hands. I have painted him up side down and in black pigment. Natural blue pigment is painted in the heart of the baby. Blue pigment powders and drips downwards through the blackened baby face It signifies the absence of the magic paint making processes of divination, for example making the colour lapis lazuli or lazurite. The preciousness of lapis is also reflected in the complex chemistry of it:

(Na, Ca)8 (AL, Si)12 O24 (S, SO4)-FeS- CaCo3

Thresholds: Puti, geognostic eye (natural pigments and paintboxes)