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Spiritscape (2005)

Mixed media installation, 108 x 72 x 231cm (2 sections);
30 x 72 x 231 (1 section)

Spiritscape is an installation consisting of sculptural appropriations of dissection tables. Tesserae partially float above. The experimentation with the colouring of metals and the labour-intensiveness, in creating the tesserea, reflect the explicit use of hermeneutic processes. I have experimented with ammonia, potassium and nitric acid on steel, brass and red copper. It is the final work in a series of artworks (mostly paintings) that directly dealt with the theme of death and dying. See the review, Visceral intelligence, written by the painter Andries Gouws, published in Art South Africa Winter 2005.

Thresholds: Death and dying, druids and divinity, tesserae, planetary ladders, negredo albedo rubedo