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Positive (2001)

55 X 65 cm (x2)
Ribbons, photo-negatives, rubber, etching ink and light-box
Exhibited at Manuscript II, Word Fest, The Book Art Gallery & Graffinova Exhibition, Ostrobithnian Museum, Norway
Private Collection

Two manuscripts. One title. The one consists of a range of photo negatives that are woven together. The second manuscript consists X-rays that are similarly constructed. The negatives form a type of narrative and filmstrip. than the negatives. Both manuscripts are enlightened and framed by light boxes. A Grecian memory container that is installed as a roadside momentum mori, which is constructed at a picnic spot located halfway between the Xhariep Dam and a small town Venterstad, inspired the making of these. The art works speak of incurable illnesses, suffering and trauma in family structures.

Thresholds: Death and dying, landscape, emotion and expression, trauma, narratives and repetition, conceptual photography, pain and dukkah